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Since 1993, Impact World has brought millions of young people face to face with relevant Truth in every corner of the globe. Catalyzing fervent prayer, public proclamation, and personal discipleship, over 2000 regions have hosted Impact World in their schools, arenas, and public spaces; turning cities upside down.

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“Impact World Tour has helped us achieve in 9 months, what we were expecting to take over 20 years.”
Grant Edwards, Pastor – Springfield, USA

“For every one kid in [our] church at least another ten of their mates came out and heard the gospel in an unprecedented way.”
Ross Aiken, Lawyer – Australia

“…If [you] can find a better evangelism strategy – do it… If [we] had seen something greater than what Impact World Tour provides, we’d be doing it by now…Impact World Tour is the vehicle to use, if you want the culture changed.”
Terry Nelson, First Priority – Cincinnati, USA

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of the emerging generation are not involved with today’s church.

Restoring the personal witness of every believer is vital to a changed nation. And wherever homes and marketplaces realize New Testament discipleship, cities are transformed for good. Impact World is an all-in partner for this cause; a catalyst to move prayer, evangelism, and discipleship to the fore.

Proven facilitators train local leadership teams in each region, who equip literally hundreds of people to work alongside the Impact World athletes and evangelists, and touch the emerging generation.

And this impact cannot be overstated. The benefits of unity, training, and transformative exposure to the Gospel are long-lasting. Years later, groups of new believers continue to meet and grow across the world in coffee shops, schools, and homes.

Impact World is simply personal evangelism on a mass scale.

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