Local volunteers staff every aspect of engaging the lost with the campaigns in their city; from food for the breakdancers, to Local Links who lead people to Jesus.

“It was so awesome!  The altar call was amazing – with all the people it was filled to the front, all the way down the aisles.  People are looking for something, you know. And they don’t know what they’re looking for and they’re looking in the wrong spot.”

Jelissa – Kingston, Canada

“After the Team Extreme show I was able to lead a husband, wife, and their three kids to the Lord. A few other local links also led entire families to the Lord.”

Anonymous – Richmond, USA


business leaders

Central to the success of a regional effort is the strategic insight, financing, and connectedness of key business leaders. These leaders typically make up the lions share of a local leadership team.

“I have seen the tremendous effects of Impact World Tour. A number of my family members and myself have even been involved in the… events that have resulted in thousands of people coming to the Lord…  We believe, as we continue to lift up the name of Jesus, using IWT as a tool, God will bring more people unto Himself.  Changed hearts and lives will inevitably change the direction our nation is going and turn to God in every sphere.”

Wes Reinheller – President, Medican Group of Companies

“At the Commissioning service, someone spoke about Impact World Tour as sounding the alarm for the church to wake up. The most exciting thing for me has been how our community has responded to that alarm by getting out of the silos we’ve created in our churches. In 35 years I have never seen anything that has brought the community together to this extent.”

Bruce Boyd, CEO and President, Amos Press



Campaign events provide a platform for believers to introduce tens of thousands of their friends to the Good News of Jesus every year.

“I’ve been going to church for 20 years and this is the first time I’ve really encountered God. I decided to let the walls fall down so that He could come in. I feel like an incredible burden has been lifted from my shoulders.”

Lori – Sidney, USA



Every church is given the opportunity to engage with the local campaign. Pastors become trainers for the local links, and are transformed by the challenge of personal evangelism.

“I want to encourage everybody who’s getting involved in this to get their [churches] behind it because it is amazing to see them all come forward ready to lead somebody to the Lord…it’ll change [them].”

Patricia – Duluth, USA

“I think this has been an extremely positive thing for the entire community. Through this we’ve been able to identify and raise up all sorts of spiritual leaders. It has been delightful working with the IWT staff… I’d like to encourage those who’ve not yet come on board that this is really an initiative that can create a lasting impact on your community.”

Chuck Price – Campus Crusade For Christ; CRU

“After baptizing 11 people in one weekend; “you have no idea the impact you have on our churches – and the long-term change”.

Pastor – Fairfield, USA