Radical clarity and truth to reach a generation lost in space.

Started in 1997, and designed to reach the next generation, Global Xpression are a dance/skate collective from around 10 nations of the world. They make an impact with blades, boards, bikes, and beats, reaching into the heart of urban youth culture, and bringing truth to life. In a way like no other, they speak directly to the issues at the heart of youth culture with radical insight and clarity.


After a staggering year in Fortaleza, Brazil; performing to packed stadiums and on television, including a 60 Minutes documentary, GX were launched to a new height.

It was from that effort that they pioneered a brand new all-Brazilian team. Members of Global Xpression moved from the USA to equip the first members of the team in Brazil, and coordinate schools, trainings, and choreography events around the country.

Today, a full-time crew of Brazilians train hundreds of people in passionate dance and pursuit of Jesus every year. They appear annually everywhere from America, to Zambia.


Strength that packs more than a punch.

The strong men. Some of the strongest men in the world. Team Xtreme are professional power lifters, body conditioners, ex-SWAT team members, and karate champions. Feats of strength light the night as they hammer through blocks of concrete with their fists and heads, flip cars, and bend steel bars.

new zealand

Back in 2004, Team Xtreme toured 20 world class strongmen, and 18 students across New Zealand for a whirlwind tour of the entire nation. At the nation’s central cricket ground in Wellington, Team Xtreme were literally blown off the stage in the 100-year storm. As they climbed back up and shocked the audience with huge feats of strength, one team member called out loud and prayed for the skies to clear, so they could finish the show.

As he stepped off the stage, and invited the crowd to respond to the Message of the Gospel, the clouds parted, and the 100-year storm broke around just the stadium, long enough for hundreds of young people to meet with Local Links and connect with discipling groups across the city.


Life from the Pacific that will fill your lungs, and your heart.

Feel the Pacific as they enter the room. After winning the “Best Family Entertainment in Hawaii” award seven years running, Island Breeze know how to elate a crowd. Using elements of culture itself to share the hope of Jesus, Island Breeze restore dignity and self-worth to many. They delight every age, and cross barriers with traditional costumes, dance, and song.

three generation

In a small town outside Richmond, Indiana the team began their last dance of the night; the Haka – a Maori warrior’s dance that depicts the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Within minutes over one hundred people had gathered by the stage for the chance of a new start, a new life. Amongst them was a young man, in his late twenties. And in front of him was his son. As the speaker continued to share the dynamic heart of God for forgiveness and hope, the man felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see his own father joining them both.

All at once, three generations of men in his family had given their lives to God and changed their family tree. They’re not the first. And they won’t be the last.