An explosion of personal evangelism.

Impact World is a city-reaching spectacular; a call to local missions that crosses denominational, and age boundaries. This outward-looking perspective brings clarity to the value system of God, as young and old work together to see a generation hear the Gospel in their region; many for the first time.



When the church reaches the lost, the tide of the nation changes.

There is simply no time to lose.

After two decades of evangelistic efforts around the world, it is clear that the regions who see positive change are those committed to prayer, evangelism, and discipleship. But those places are few. Impact World is an experienced and proven partner for transformation. A powerful organization with mission at the core.

And through region-wide efforts, bridges are built between city officials, school administrations, church leaders, and importantly, the business community. As groups work together, unity grows.

Time and again, amongst such relationships, prayer, and focus, 10-15% of an arena will respond publicly to the Word of God, and request long-term assistance to pursue new life of hope with Christ.



Local ownership is everything. The strategy is built on you.

“Impact World made a measurable and sustainable difference in our community.”

Al Caperna – CEO CMC Group – Bowling Green Ohio

Training is the core. As Impact World facilitators bring expert training to the city, so the influence goes onwards, and momentum builds.

Leaders are chosen locally to help launch the wider effort and develop an Executive Team who will coordinate and lead the trainings, pray together, manage the budgets, convey the venue contracts, and oversee all other aspects of the tour.

Executive Teams often out-live the tour process, and become change agents in their own right, long-term.



International operations reach into every destination.

Impact World has co-led, with local groups, over 2000 city-wide outreaches in 12 nations, and 36 states of the USA. Today, Impact World is one of the largest evangelistic ministries in the world, and operates out of training and facilitation locations in Missouri, South America, South East Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean.